New Masterpiece Preorders has opened up preorders for the second and third Toynami Masterpiece Collection Cyclones, Lancer & Rand's, with tentative release dates of 1st and 2nd Quarter 2008, respectively. See them here -- or rather, see where they should be, since there are no pictures up. They still only have pictures of Scott Bernard, who's coming up in November.

This comes in the wake of news of Aoshima's upcoming 1/48 Legioss (Alpha Fighter) toys in July, CM's Legioss & TLEAD (Alpha & Beta) combination, and Beagle's 1/12 Ride Armors (Cyclones) coming up next year. (All links point back to The Masters's Robotech Companion blog.) If you're a Mospeada/Robotech: The New Generation fan, you're going to either need a lot of money during the course of the next year, or you're going to have a lot of choices to make.

(Screen grab nicked from Robotech Research.)

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