The Roboblog Chronicles: Episode 1.5 [FIXED]

This covers comments made to this episode of the show. Be sure to watch it before feasting your eyes on this one, 'kay?

Oh, and while you're at it, watch MedMapGuy's new Flash animated ROBOTECH open. The link's in the next post down. Yeah, under the Alpha Fighter posing against the Sentinels-era SDF-3 bridge. Go. Watch. Enjoy.

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  • The sound went out for the last 33 seconds. Unless it was a strange glitch unique to my computer....every time I'd back it up and play it again.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 April, 2007 02:09  

  • No, the same thing happened to me.
    nonetheless- a great vid.

    By Anonymous Anavel Gato, at 05 April, 2007 11:05  

  • Hmmm. That's weird. I'm going to have to check the original file later tonight.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 05 April, 2007 15:22  

  • Slightly clunky to do the Mospeada name/Robotech name vocally instead of in text, but yeah lost sound, kind of at the important part...

    *in before HG censorship of video jokes*

    I do tend to agree that outside US sales are a consideration, and given that HG and what remains of Tatsunoko are on much better terms than HG and Big West that it is more possible that we may see legit international sales, but the combination of the upcoming aniversary and the fact it's 80's series people in Japan liked or remember watching are the main reasons for the revival.

    There are alot of old 80's series that are receiving new toys in Japan that have never been released in the western world, it just seems to be the 80's nostaliga wave is just starting to kick in, where it's almost completely gone in North America and why Robotech products isn't getting any traction outside the fandom IMO.

    By Anonymous Cyc, at 05 April, 2007 17:00  

  • I totally agree with your statements on working with Harmony Gold for free. It's a great feeling to see your name attached to something even though you didn't get a dime for it.

    By Blogger Sharikahrcns, at 05 April, 2007 17:16  

  • I got to see this...

    Thanks for giving my film some attention in your great blog. :)

    I didn't realize there were fans of the SDF-3 design... :p

    By Blogger medmapguy, at 05 April, 2007 21:03  

  • Actually, as far as I know it's just me. For some reason I've always liked a lot of the awful Sentinels designs.

    No, I don't get it either, but hey, you can't help the things you like. *shrug*

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 05 April, 2007 23:54  

  • WOAH! One second there!

    I'm upset...

    Not only did you not do a dance sequence in your video...

    But I'm like... the biggest fan of the SDF-3's design ever! It's like a perfect blend of all the technological looks of Robotech... with both heavy Southern Cross and Zentraedi styles....

    And I like the costumes too!

    (Besides, I have you both beat! I love Macross II! So both of you can take that for your misplaced fandoms! *laughs* Mine has "Options"! )

    Speaking of which, did you get my email, Jon? I sent off Chapter 2 to ya! Wanted to see if everything was cool with it...

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 06 April, 2007 00:17  

  • Bah! Why didn't you tell us you'd be responding personally to our comments via video?????

    :) It's all good.

    Just to clarify, and I don't think you took it this way but just to clarify, I didn't mean to undermine any of the work you were doing. In fact I meant it more as you have a talent for this Robotech continuity stuff, more so than most, and (imho) it deserves more than a printed name in a product.

    But I get an idea what you mean about the whole middle-of-nowhere Kansas thing. Maybe I'm just jaded being surrounded by the entertainment industry 24/7. That would explain a lot.

    And like I said, it probably affects me on a personal level because it did make me pissed when I was thanked by them for having my Shadow Chronicles site act as a free marketing tool. Had that arrangement been made ahead of time, like they did with your case, rather than after the fact, then I probably wouldn't be as bitter.

    I'm on NyQuill right now.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 06 April, 2007 00:26  

  • Okay, there you are, MedMapGuy -- there's apparently two of us who like the SDF-3. And the Sentinels uniform design, for that matter, though mostly I just like Rick's cape/coat thing he's got going on.

    Anyway, Tol, no, didn't get your e-mail, though that doesn't surprise me in the least given the e-mail I missed from SaveRobotech referenced in the video. Send it to my Gmail account --

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 06 April, 2007 00:34  

  • captaijls: OK I know that this is WAY off topic. But I'm interested in a pic you posted on this blog once. It was an early picture of the Sentinels people, when it was still based on Robotech The Movie. I guess you know what I mean. Where can I find it? :D

    By Anonymous Arthedain, at 07 April, 2007 05:17  

  • I think I'll just say... cool.

    By Blogger medmapguy, at 07 April, 2007 08:07  

  • Aoshima is only planning three Legioss toys, not four. They're doing the Eta, Iota, and Zeta in 1/48 toys, which makes sense since those are the three they've reissued in 1/48 variable model kits, too.

    Saverobotech and Oreillyrel reported on Macrossworld that a whole bunch of 80s mecha anime are getting toys from several companies, and not just Mospeada.

    A few of those franchises have a sizable contingent of overseas fans like Megazone 23 and BGC, but most have miniscule foreign fan followings like Layzner, Galient, Gold Lightan, and Vifam. The Japanese 1980s nostalgia wave is big enough that even these obscure shows get toys from multiple companies, regardless of foreign sales.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 April, 2007 14:02  

  • Good job, but, DUDE, you can probably read the comments out loud just a little bit slower! It's not a race :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 April, 2007 09:48  

  • I liked the SDF-3 design too, for the same reasons as tolarin. Anyway, personally, the use of fan-marketing hardly surprises me. The company clearly doesn't have oodles of money. I recall listening to some of the Kevin McWhatever podcast and although he was speaking in heavy marketing-speak, my thought about the Harmony Gold marketing plan was that they were doing what they could for very little - probably a very small marketing budget. Harmony Gold isn't Disney - not a lot of money to throw around. Which is too bad. But maybe in time, who knows.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 April, 2007 09:55  

  • General Reinhardt is a banana!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 April, 2007 23:30  

  • arthedain: Lord, that was posted back in October 2005! That can be found here.

    anon: It may not be a race, but I've only got a free YouTube account and a ten minute limit I'm running against. Had to clip half a minute out of this week's show as is. If I don't read the comments fast, I get to make fewer of my own.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 09 April, 2007 03:50  

  • Ahh, I've never uploaded anything to Youtube. I didn't know about the time limit. Sorry.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 April, 2007 02:56  

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