I did not know that.

According to this article at Toybox DX, which itself is heavily derived from this Japanese-language post at Yacolog, Aoshima's upcoming 1/48 Mospeada Legioss fighters will not be wholly original new molds -- rather they'll be officially licensed retooled versions of the Toynami Masterpiece Collection Alpha Fighters, featuring stronger joints and, they claim, "new versions with different weapons." (Oh, you mean like this?) They'll be hitting in late July at 10,290 yen apiece in blue, red, and green flavors, but before then they'll be on display at the Shizuoka Hobby Show, so hopefully someone will be able to get some photography so that we can get a good look at how different they are and what these new weapons are, if in fact they're part of the initial release.

Aoshima is also considering releasing Toynami's as-of-yet-unreleased Masterpiece Beta Fighter. Honestly, I can see Aoshima doing it before Toynami at this point, though if Aoshima does it stands to reason that we might wind up with some overpriced import TLEADs in "Robotech Masterpiece Beta Fighter" boxes hitting the ol' store.

This venture is not to be confused with CM's Legioss & TLEAD combination set, due in the more vague "this summer" timeframe.

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  • So the question becomes, will these Alpha's have the same quality issues that the original Toynami designs faced?

    'Cause, you know, I really want an Alpha, but I really don't want an expensive import of a Masterpiece Alpha....

    Any word on what the CM stuff will be like? Or a price?

    By Blogger JHC, at 18 April, 2007 16:51  

  • The weapons being discussed are not unproduced ones in any unused design sheets, but the existing left-shoulder/centerline 8-missile pod and the under-chest/under-fuselage pairs of three missiles.

    It would be relatively easy for Aoshima to make 1/48 toys of these weapons, since it has the 1/48 Imai models that already has these weapons. Take a look over here:

    Hobby Link Japan page on 1/48 Variable Legioss Eta model

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 April, 2007 20:08  

  • Ah, gotcha. I was confused by the shoulder-mounted bit -- I wasn't aware that's where the centerline missile pod went in Armo-Soldier mode.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 18 April, 2007 23:17  

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