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  • Your random Shadow Chronicles screen grab for the day: Is that a faraway look in Scott Bernard's eyes, or is he just sleepy?

  • As The Masters pointed out yesterday, Harmony Gold's Kevin McKeever has been working on a secret thing, and Steve Yun is tirelessly working to put the thing on I guess we'll see what it is when Steve's done.

  • AnimeNewsNetwork reports that AIC is celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Megazone 23 (the first part of which was adapted into Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story) with a big live event on May 13 in Tokyo. The part of it that those of us here on this side of the Pacific can appreciate is the fact that they're also cranking out a new artbook this month, the Megazone 23 Maneuver Book, and a new video game for the PlayStation 3 this summer. More details here at ANN or if you can read Japanese you can go straight to the source.

    Wow, a reason to buy a PS3. Hadn't seen one of those yet.

  • Comic book fandom webcomic "New Book Day" encounters The Shadow Chronicles. I believe I agree with the author on the execution -- it kind of falls flat -- but hey, it's a ROBOTECH reference.

  • Look, it's someone else who hated The Shadow Chronicles! Hey, at least people are watching it.

  • And here's someone who liked it. Also, he mentions that he had to keep explaining things to friends watching with him who weren't down with the lingo -- yeah, I've had to do that twice now. I really hope Team HG didn't honestly think the final product was all that n00b friendly.

  • Robotech/Macross toy reviews within the past week or so:

    JHC reviews Toynami's 1/100 VF-1A Valkyrie.

    ilike29394 reviews Toynami's Masterpiece VFA-6Z Alpha Fighter.

    Sanjeev reviews the big 1985 Matchbox/Bandai/Takatoku Robotech SDF-1 Battle Fortress.

  • wwwmwww tracked down, scanned, and posted to Macross World's forums a text-heavy Mospeada doujinshi (fan publication). Lots of Ride Armor/Cyclone art in among the pages upon pages of Japanese text. Also a lot of neat Mospeada pics further down in the thread from magazines contemporary with the show's release. Nifty, nifty, nifty ...

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  • Oh my God.

    It is simply cool a new megazone 23 series,
    Megazone 23 is what got me into anime,
    I was introduced to megazone from the
    the Robotech movie, and was simply
    hooked and it was the first
    video cassette anime I owned. It simply
    amazing I have been waiting for over 20
    for a new megazone 23 series or anime.

    Speaking about the robotech movie it
    was simply a case of laziness, they
    should have been more serious about
    the editing ,the robotech movie is
    not bad but it was simply bad script,
    poor acting.

    But it is great to hear megazone 23 movie.

    Mospeada cyclone are not that bad but
    the garland rules and the macross plus movie
    mecha design were inspired from the garland
    mecha design.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 April, 2007 05:58  

  • In the last segment of my Carl Macek review, Tommy Yune elucidated that the Top Seekrit Kevin Thing has to do with the expanding distribution of Robotech in other world markets.

    By Blogger Chris Meadows, at 16 April, 2007 21:49  

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