Huzzah with the linkage.

  • Here's an interview with Billy Palmer from Airborne Entertainment, the folks who crafted the Robotech: The New Generation cell phone game that Tommy Yune hypes at every available opportunity. He only very briefly talks about the game, but it's worth a glance.

  • From the "where are they now?" files, if you scroll down here you'll find an interview with one Adam Cogan, who was the game designer on Robotech: Battlecry and apparently is now co-writing a psuedo-historical comic series called The Black Coat. Again, very brief ROBOTECH content, but kind of interesting.

  • These folks made a 2 3/4 meter tall SDF-1 Macross out of wood. That's what I call crazy dedication.

  • Anime News Network reports that the website for the Megazone 23 adventure game is now open. Boy, if the music playing on the website is anything to go by, this is at least going to sound like Megazone 23 ... Apparently this is setting up an alternate timeline spinning off from Megazone 23 Part 1 -- twenty years pass, and Yui gives her son Hiroto the key to the "Blue Garland" of the game's title after she is attacked (killed in a tearful goodbye, it looks like). B.D.'s still around as the bad guy. Wonder what happened to Shogo -- they do show pictures around the site of the original red Garland with Eve lounging on it, so maybe that's some kind of major point? Interesting at any rate, but I still think it's not gonna be much fun to play for a non-Japanese-speaking or reading person like me.

  • Treiz writes in to let us know that this month's Anime Insider magazine, in their monthly "versus" column, pits Lynn Minmei against Mobile Suit Gundam SEED's Lacus Clyne. Considering that Lacus is basically, "Relena from Gundam Wing + Minmei + pink hair," that seems an obvious match-up ...

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