Nobody tells me anything: The fruits of some Macross Frontier Googling.

I recall hearing the news from the Macross concert event back in August, but have the rest of you people seen this stuff yet? Apparently Macross Frontier, the new Macross TV series, is coming up either next month or in 2009 depending on which website or forum you decide to listen to -- I didn't see any source for either, so we'll just see when it airs. It'll be set in 2070-something, be set in a school (according to NewType, according to WikiPedia) and feature Valkyries fighting space monsters.

And there's pictures and such a few different places. There's some character and mecha sketches here, and a video containing pics snapped at the Macross event where the show was announced here. Found the same pics in a non-YouTube format elsewhere, but the video features the intro of Fire Bomber's "Planet Dance," so that makes it better.

Must say, the character designs are disappointing; the designer's only other major credit is for GONZO's loathsome Gravion Zwei, and when you partner that with the prospect of space monster fighting and how much I hated the first episode of Kawamori's last collaboration with director Yasuhito Kikuchi, Aquarion, I've got a bad feeling about this.

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  • Those pics remind me of the cam photos us fans would take from RSTC slideshows at cons then post up.

    As Archie Bunker sang "Those wahr the day-es!"

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 28 September, 2007 18:04  

  • Fighting space monsters? Like the Korean cartoon that features a kid flying Hikaru's valkyrie fighting a giant rat? Can't wait to see that. lol Ok, I'm sure it will be better than it sounds.

    By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 28 September, 2007 22:05  

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