Two Days of Bruce, Part 1

Life's funny. I suppose I probably shouldn't have let my cat out of the bag last week, but I really wanted someone to just kick me in the butt and get me to edit this thing and put it up on the internet for all you fine folks out there. So, someone did. Five days ago, pal Evan shot me a quick text to tell me that Meadows was trying to steal my thunder, yo. Or something. Well, that worked about as well as anything else would have. So here you go: a little under a half hour with Robotech Invid War: Aftermath writer/artist Bruce Lewis. THEN, you can turn right around on Sunday and call in and pitch your OWN questions to Bruce Lewis on Space Station Liberty, hosted by the aforementioned Chris Meadows.

MP3 File

Many thanks to Bruce Lewis for taking the time not only to sketch up the above Lancer & Sera piece -- for all the series' faults, I love Lewis's take on Lancer and Sera, both visually and as characters -- but to talk to me for an evening. And apologies to both him and the rest of you out there for sitting on this for a little over a month. I hope you all enjoy!

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  • Damn.

    That was a very good interview, and you asked most of the questions I would have. What the heck am I going to ask now? :P

    If I'd known you had that interview, I would have waited a couple of months to ask for mine.

    By Blogger Chris Meadows, at 16 September, 2007 14:38  

  • Great interview! You know, Bruce Lewis never pissed me off. I didn't agree with a lot of the things he did, but I thought his stories were interesting. And since the comics were the only source of Robotech back then, they were all canon to me. Well, all except Aftermath. It was an 'alternate reality', much like Macross II is in the Macross universe.

    By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 19 September, 2007 07:40  

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