The Roboblog Chronicles: Episode 20 - When Are You Coming Home?

Yep, I'm way late. Sorry, hit a spot of depression. Should be fine for the rest of the month, but we'll see.

Two notes on this week's first of two shows:

  • First, the fellow who asked about Nova & Marie was Tariq Mohsen, not Mohser as I said on the show. My sincerest apologies, sir.

  • Second, the Orguss discs are exclusively available through The Right Stuf if you're interested in the show.


See this?

This was on eBay last week. This is the first Matchbox-carded Lunk figure I've seen in all my years looking for ROBOTECH figures on the eBay. Most of them that you see out there in the wild are Canadian, multilingual (English & French) Irwin-carded figures. Indeed, Robotech Museum's specimen is an Irwin figure. (See here.) So is the former archive's specimen (seen here at the Super Toy Archive). So I thought a Matchbox Lunk might not even exist, but there it is.

Esoteric? Sure, but that's just the way we roll here at the Roboblog.

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  • Haven't had the chance to watch it, but I sure hope that opening those DVDs didn't give you trouble. I know how hard that kind of thing is for you…

    By Blogger Chris Meadows, at 15 October, 2007 12:14  

  • What? No mention of the Sterling Son?

    Anywho, I don't think that Dana and the 15th will make a comback, a cameo maybe. If they are going out into space then it stands to reason that a bunch of ground pounders would not be seeing much action.

    It seems to me that Shadow Rising is going to be a lot like the Macross Saga. The Ark Angel is the new SDF1, it is even ready to be equiped with a synchro canon if they ever get the bugs worked out and according to the artbook and shadow chronicles it is a colony vessel thus equipped with its own version of Macross city, Vince is the new lovable captain, Janice will be on vocals, Marcus can fill in as the new Rick, Scott the new Roy, Ariel the new Claudia, Louie the new Lang, and I guess Maia is the new Max though that thought is a bit creepy, she may get promoted to second officer and take the place of Lisa, in which case we can expect a new female character to complete the love traingle.

    O_O It all seems rather formulaic.

    By Blogger Treiz, at 15 October, 2007 21:53  

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