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  • Treiz lets us know that Palladium has the finished cover art for the Shadow Chronicles RPG book up at their website (which I yoinked and put above). If you pop over there, you can also preorder the book.

    Oh, and Kevin Siembieda is also selling off original ROBOTECH artwork on eBay, including an oh-so-iconic Kevin Long piece from the original ROBOTECH RPG sourcebook. Check it out!

  • Roger Harkavy points out Matt Alt's essay at Néojaponisme on the messages of Macross, "War in a Material World".

    That really got me thinking about yet another way to contrast the Macross TV series and the movie -- at least in ROBOTECH's dialogue, it's Minmei who really pushes the idea on her aunt and uncle that "this is still our good old hometown" that helps everyone keep their spirits up in the face of their "trapped in a battleship in deep space" circumstance -- but by the time we're introduced to Macross City in the movie, the place has a functioning McDonald's, for crying out loud. Macross City in the movie, in keeping with the "everything is bigger and shinier in the movie" theme, is a fully-functioning metropolis within the Macross and feels devoid of that plucky can-do spirit that epitomizes the Macross City of the TV series. Part of it could be the fact that we just don't get as much time in Macross City during the movie's running time, or spend any time dealing with the citizens on the ground or what-have-you ... but I dunno, living in movie Macross looks awfully luxurious compared to TV Macross, which always had this feeling of being stuck in the Space Frontier where you have to roll up your sleeves and fix those walls every other day with duct tape, spare sheet metal, and parts recycled from that Destroid that blew up across the street the other day.

  • And Brian Diegnan provides a link over to ASM's coverage of this weekend's New York Toy Fair, specifically the Toynami display image gallery, where everything new that's shown off is boxes -- specifically, the Masterpiece Collection box for Maia Sterling's Skull One and the Japanese box for the long-awaited Toynami Cyclone.

    Soooooo, has anyone talked to George Sohn or one of his employees about when the hell these toys are coming out? Because this is getting totally ridiculous.

    Bonus Toy Update - 4:52 p.m.
    Have you seen the latest photos of the CM's Legioss-Tread combo set? It looks niftilicious.

  • Comic book blogger Mike Sterling opened his Sunday post with the hideously jagged logo for Academy Comics' Sentinels Halloween Special. Noted just because wow, wasn't expecting to see that there.

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  • What? No comic contest update? Inquiring minds want to know ;)

    BTW, I’m about 30% through your chat with Doug - very interesting stuff so far (My fiancé begs to differ though). I’ll have to write more later. There points that I agree and disagree with.

    By Blogger Niff, at 18 February, 2008 16:37  

  • I should be posting a ROBOBLOG CHRONICLES video about the contest tonight. (Was going to do it last night, but fell asleep at, like, four in the afternoon yesterday. It was pretty bad ...)

    Let me know what you think about the conversation. I'm curious how that all came off to an outside observer.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 18 February, 2008 16:55  

  • any idea what happened to the robotech museum? link is down for a while

    By Blogger kclau69, at 18 February, 2008 17:21  

  • Hm, I didn't even realize they were down. Perhaps they forgot to pay their hosting fee? I mean, the site hadn't been updated since September 2006 -- over a year, now -- so maybe the owner decided to stop paying for it? I really have no clue. Shame, though -- that was quite a useful site.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 18 February, 2008 17:37  

  • Doug has got some really weird ideas and I don't like them at all. He speaks in a very amateurish manner and provides false information which he believes is correct. Doug should do more research on the subject before claiming his info as fact.

    By Blogger Rui, at 18 February, 2008 19:38  

  • Do we get a badge if we make it through all four plus hours?

    By Blogger aaron@digitalcole, at 18 February, 2008 21:11  

  • I think you would certainly deserve it. @_@

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 18 February, 2008 22:04  

  • Someone else pointed this out to me, but it looks to me like the cyclone on display out of box is different from last year. In fact, now that's gallery is up, it all but confirms it. It looks like the cyclones on display at Toyfair are the same ones that Megahouse is releasing later this month/early next month.
    Toynami had an in-box (Japanese boxes with the Toynami logo in the corner, like it's covering up the Megahouse logo) of Scott and Rand. Rand was never even announced by Toynami. And the molds look a lot like the pictures that have been shown of Megahouse's versions (particularly the shoulders). Very strange. I wonder if that means Toynami is using Megahouse's molds, or vice versa, or some sort of collaboration?

    By Blogger Nightshade, at 20 February, 2008 05:44  

  • You caught that, too? I stared at the pictures at ASM for a while, asking myself, "Those aren't the Toynami molds, are they?" Never did the side-by-side to verify one way or the other, but I kept suspecting ... thing is, Tommy Yune at one point suggested -- maybe on one of Chris Meadows' shows? -- that Toynami might be rebranding some of the Mospeada toys coming from Japan in order to get them to the U.S. market. I think this was originally said around the time the CM's Legioss/Tread set was first announced. So, not totally unexpected that they're doing this, but those molds' presence in lieu of the typical Toynami mold sample is a little shocking. I hope this doesn't mean the Toynami molds that have been shown off for years have been canceled. Maybe I should ask around and find out.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 21 February, 2008 00:29  

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