The Roboblog Chronicles Episode 25 - San Diego Dreaming

The second episode from North Central Wisconsin, in which I talk about some of the ROBOTECH stuff out of San Diego (kind of redundant if you've been paying attention to the blog over the weekend) and basically say my last word on the whole Warner live action thing until some SERIOUS news breaks, in light of recent films I've seen.

From The Things I Doubly Don't Want To Do Dept.

I'm selling some of my stuff on eBay, and if you're interested in Japanese-style robots and anime and manga and such (I'm curious what you're doing here if you aren't interested in at least ONE of those things), take a look and see if there's anything you'd be interested in bidding on, if you don't mind. If you see something you like, do bid on it and help reduce my clutter and keep me fed and caffeinated, OK?


You know, I actually am on iChat/AIM from time to time these days. See that little link to my screen name in the sidebar? Go ahead. Use it. Bother me. If I'm on iChat, it usually means I'm not doing anything all that important anyway ...

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  • You moved to Wisconsin? Didn't realize your move was that far.

    By Blogger Shawno, at 30 July, 2008 02:24  

  • In that case, if we looked Tommy up on imdb to see what he directed before. Would that have given us an idea of what to expect from Shadow Chronicles?

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 01 August, 2008 00:09  

  • Ha! Not a bad point, Darkwater, but live action -- esp. big budget summer blockbuster live action -- is a whole different bag. With the exception of, say, Frank Miller, rarely do they let people primarily known to the general public as comic book artists helm a big budget, licensed property tentpole picture. Usually the people who direct these summer blockbusters are known quantities -- they've usually directed SOMETHING that can give you at least sort of an idea of what you're getting into -- earlier vapid summer explodo-fests, indie hits, commercials, television, SOMETHING that will let you know, "Hm, maybe they've picked a winner," or, "Oh crap, NOW we're in for it ..."

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 01 August, 2008 19:56  

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