"Black rubs off on oily fingers ..."

... or so I was told this evening, but then again, what you see below is just me playing around and will never reach anyone's fingers. But that's always good to remember. I wish Marvel Comics would consider that fact more often, or maybe go with that slick cover stock they use for the Ultimate books all around ... can't remember how many issues I've got laying around the house that have my fingerprints all over their battered covers due to dark artwork and crappy ink. Seriously, you'd almost think they were trying to make them so easy to damage to drive up after market prices on mint copies or something ... hmm ...

But enough about that nonsense. How about some more mocked-up "Robotech Art 1.5" pages? No? Too bad.

I think I've reached my comfort zone with Adobe InDesign. I think I'm ready to get that blasted Emissaries out the door. Hoo-hah!


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