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Didn't think this would take as long as it did ... I was in the mood to do something addressing the forward motion of the Robotech saga, and who better to serve as a conduit for that than Rick Hunter, a character we see grow from a happy high-flying teen into a sullen twentysomething over the course of thirty-six episodes, fall in love and get married, and who we've now seen reel from the shock of not only seeing his wife nearly killed in battle but losing the baby she was carrying. The gray background images are from the TV series, the "From The Stars" comic series, the Waltrips' Sentinels comics, and the first issue of Prelude. Oh, and there's the one pic from the Sentinels video. It's a 1024 x 768 wallpaper, which is a bit small for my computer, but I figured would be good enough for most people ...


Oh, and Prelude #1 annotations no later than Sunday evening Monday afternoon, guaranteed.


  • Like the wallpaper, neat.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 October, 2005 16:46  

  • Ok I give up where did get the image of Rick giving the thumbs up (center top row)? He looks more like the new Rick then old Rick.

    By Anonymous Odyn, at 17 October, 2005 19:04  

  • Rick giving the thumbs up is from the end of the last issue of the first WildStorm mini-series, a.k.a. "From The Stars." He's taking his final flight in Skull One before it's decommissioned, big "end of an era" thing, and he looks out and he sort of sees a ghostly Roy flying by in his biplane, and tears well up and he gives him a thumbs up.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 17 October, 2005 22:39  

  • Thanks! Add I have that one too.

    By Anonymous odyn, at 19 October, 2005 21:04  

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