Look, I've even got the Sentinels comics sitting out over here ...

But before I post up the much belated notes on the third issue of Prelude, take a look at this snapshot from the past.

The reason this has been sitting on my computer some years now is because it was the first time I remember seeing the steaming cup icon in the corner, which was the direct result of yours truly saying on the forums, during a discussion of what kind of real world Robotech artifacts we fans would all want saying, "Yeah, those high end Veritech pilot helmets you're talking about would be cool and all, but geez, how about something a little cheaper, like oh, say, coffee mugs just like those seen in use by the SDF-1 bridge crew in the TV series." Notice that the main page features a poll about what people want out of their Robotech coffee mugs. They weren't out yet, but hey look, there it is in the corner.

(Of course, that's not the only mark that, in some way, I've left on the corner graphic. I'll get to that during a particularly dull week ... like, oh, sometime in February.)

I'd actually been thinking about an SDF-1 coffee mug for a couple of years prior. (If you click on that, do a search for the name "scwonkey" and scroll up a little bit.) In fact, I remember the first time I ever saw "The Long Wait" complete and uncut (remember, the first time I'd seen Robotech in many, many years it was on the old FHE 100 minute/6 episode tapes) I thought, "Oh man, what I'd do for one of those mugs to drink my coffee out of. And bear in mind that I was, like, thirteen at the time ... yeah, I became a caffiene addict at a young age.

The other thing I come away from this screen grab with is the realization that it's been so long since Toynami started making Robotech toys -- look, the super-poseable Veritechs are being promoted there -- and we still don't have any Hovertank figures. Just a damn crying shame, I tell you ...


  • What is it about Robotech that creates so much delay . . . . in all their merchandising???


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 December, 2005 10:51  

  • Masthead image discussion, I certainly like that ^_~

    By Anonymous Cyc, at 27 December, 2005 14:24  

  • I was going to say... what were we joking it was... Cyc cosplaying Scott? *laughs*

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 29 December, 2005 05:10  

  • Why do you think it's just Robotech? Everything seems to get delayed in entertainment. Video games, movies, comics. Look at both Grant Morrison's New X-Men and Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men. Hooray for delays.

    By Blogger Ginrai, at 30 December, 2005 12:51  

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