Rambling Man (Part 1)

Still in the middle of scanning and rewriting for the issue #3 commentary ... I promise, it'll be up before the new year. ^_^;

In the meantime, you can listen to me rambling with Lt. Tylor, as well as some recent Robotech news and such in the latest RDF Underground podcast. Of course, if not for the fact that he billed part two of the interview as being in the next episode of the podcast, I wouldn't know I was in there, because it's absent from the list of episode contents, and as I said, I'm not listening to the episode ...

In other audiovisual entertainment optimized for portable devices news, is pushing a free download of the first episode of the iffy 1990's Gatchaman OVA. Steve Yun claims in the article that they're experimenting with content delivery, but y'know, I think despite the fact that we've seen it all a thousand times before, something like, oh, "Boobytrap" would be a better thing to post free on a freakin' Robotech website.

While considering this on the way to work today, I thought what a cool thing it would be if, once everything's sorted out -- or, better, as soon as possible -- they'd post, like, the first five to ten minutes of Shadow Chronicles on-line. Or hey, maybe that clip with SFX & music that they showed at that recent convention -- the L.A. Comic Book & Sci-Fi Con, was it? If it's suitably impressive and spreads throughout the vast interweb like wildfire, y'know, I think it could go a long way to putting the new animation in the back of a lot of minds so that when the DVD is finally released, those people will go, "Oh, hey, I've seen part of that! That was COOL!" And then hopefully they'll buy it.

Probably not anything that hasn't floated through the HGUSA offices, but hey, that's what was flitting through my mind this afternoon.


  • great idea there...too bad HG shuns great ideas almost as my as it does its fanbase.

    By Blogger Proto, at 29 December, 2005 20:49  

  • I'm still irritated that you can watch it on an iPod but not a PSP.

    By Blogger Ginrai, at 30 December, 2005 12:52  

  • Perhaps they think that Boobytrap might leave a bad impression on potential new fans of Robotech and are thus considering other options (perhaps a bit of TSC when it's released? or, if it's made into a series, the first ep of the series?)

    By Anonymous Clollin, at 30 December, 2005 22:36  

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