Are you tired of the Emissaries updates yet?

Honest-to-god content will resume later this week. For now ... well, I'm racking my brain trying to remember large stretches of late June & early July for the Anime Expo '05/Robocon 20 report for Emissaries. Yeah, I suck, I forgot to take notes and put off writing it for, yikes, over six months. (And Kenneth Olson over at Robotech Research thought he was late when he put his report up in October! By the way, there's no links on the site since the last update that point to his report -- it can be found here.) Funny the things I do remember, like the sensation of making it through the ridiculously long line for registration on Thursday night, only to ascend an escalator and find myself ... at the end of another line!

Actual text from the report later this week, when I start shameless Emissaries plugging week ...


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