Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... err, WHA? Oh, um, hey guys!

Been sleeplessly plugging along on the latest Emissaries, due to hit the printer this week! A lot of the work has been printing out copies of the finished pages, squinting at them, and then going back into InDesign and fiddling with a font size, which throws off the entire layout, which means pulled quotes need to be swapped, pictures need to be shoved, and so on and so forth ... meticulous and annoying work, I tell you what. Only two or three more stories to go! Heck, I could get the whole thing done tonight and have it mailed out by Saturday! Hoo-hah!

In niftier news, remember that kid at the elementary school I was loaning my Transformers comics to? Well, last week (with some amount of trepidation) I loaned him my first Robotech DVD. This week he's asking me for the next one. Between this development and having two of my students independently decide that every good spaceship needs a drill on the front of it, this week everything's coming up aces. YEAH!


  • Careful... if he has ultra-conservative (morally, not politically) parents they might freak out if they see him with a Robotech DVD. And then you'll be sued for child endagnerment and have to pay for his therapy which will just be an excuse for mommy to steal his ritalin.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 18 January, 2006 16:10  

  • He's been waving his favorite PS2 games in my face for weeks, and based on the content in those (run-of-the-mill sci-fi violence and psuedo-Sonic The Hedgehog "attitude"), I doubt I'll get myself in any sort of pickle with this kid regarding Robotech. Don't worry, I looked before I leapt. ^_- Thanks for your concern, tho.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 19 January, 2006 01:30  

  • Hey I am wondering who will be getting this coming issue of Emmissaries. I know I paid for a year, and that year has come and gone, but I think I only got 1 issue. I know that you have email for these questions but this seems like a faster way of asking. Thanks.

    By Blogger Cody Loden, at 19 January, 2006 15:54  

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