Wasted Effort ...

This afternoon I started writing a post about what I sort of think DC & HG should do about the future of Robotech comics. I then took a good long look at it, thought about the editorial I wrote for the first page of the new Emissaries, and went, "Aww, crap." Because honestly, this is better than that was. So unfortunately, you don't get to read my rant on the epiphany I reached regarding Robotech comics unless you get your hands on the new Emissaries (out this month), and I've got the better part of an evening's work out the window.

Ah well. You'll all at least be able to read part of it when we reach "Emissaries shameless plug week."

So, um, I'm gonna go work on that now.

Oh, and my Robotech soundtrack? Still not here yet. Quite vexing. Seriously, I must have paid for "effing slow" shipping.


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