Okay, is it just me, or is this going to be confusing?

Yes, for some reason ADV has decided to use the same cover art on their uncut + dubbed Macross volume 2 DVD as on their old Robotech volume 2 DVD. Now I realize that those old original Robotech DVDs aren't out there in the marketplace the way they used to be -- certainly not after the brick sets, the Remastereds, and now the Protoculture Collection entered to take their place -- but still, doesn't anyone else think this is a potential recipe for confusion? Isn't there some other piece they could have used? Cripes.


  • I think reusing a piece of art is the least of the problems they have if you're worried about product confusion.

    I mean we have:

    Robotech Legacy Boxsets
    Robotech Legacy individual volumes
    Robotech Macross Complete
    Robotech Remastered Boxsets
    Robotech Protoculture Edition Boxset
    AnimEigo SDF Macross Pre-Order Boxset
    AnimEigo SDF Macross Mini Boxset
    AnimEigo SDF Macross individual volumes
    AnimEigo SDF Macross Boxset
    ADV SDF Macross Boxsets
    ADV SDF Macross individual volumes

    Yeah, those are all different ways to get the original Macross series in the US on DVD (obviously the Robotech versions are altered, no one nitpick my comment), so yeah, there's a lot of confusion already, and I doubt this is gonna make things any worse. It's already hopelessly confusing to the average buyer.

    By Blogger Ginrai, at 07 January, 2006 16:09  

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