A moment of Emissaries business ...

I got an e-mail from one Emissaries subscriber this week saying that his copy of Vol. 2 #2 finally appeared in his mailbox. Honestly, it feels like I mailed the 'zines out forever ago (though it's not even been a month yet), so hearing that one of them just reached its destination this week kind of caught me off guard. So a show of hands, folks -- anyone who's got their latest Emissaries in-hand, leave a brief comment.

If you want to discuss the 'zine at length, however, either pop over to the long-inert Emissaries forum here or drop a message into the Emissaries in-box, emissaries [at] hotmail [dot] com. Bear in mind that I'll probably be mining these messages for the next issue's "Thoughts from Tirol" letters column.

In other news, I just got next issue's cover art in my e-mail. I'll share it with you all in about a month or so, when Emissaries Vol. 2 #3 is more than a piece of super-cool Waltrip art and a few slapped-together thoughts scrawled on a sheet of notebook paper at work.

Finally, I can't see any reason why the Prelude notes won't be up this weekend. I can't say for sure that I won't have some sort of sorry excuse on Monday, but I really don't think that's likely. After all, I don't have anything better planned. And if you're wondering why I'm saying this now, it's because today's had this strong feeling of being Friday all day for me. That's probably because all I'm going to have to do tomorrow is sit around and watch a couple of my students participate in the county spelling bee. Yep, long hard day of work ahead of me ...


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