Recent Robobuzz finally put up their review of the released edition of the first volume of ADV's ongoing release of Super Dimension Fortress Macross. You can read it here. I had been hoping to hear from site owner Chris Beveridge on this, since he's remarked in his previous reviews of Macross & ROBOTECH discs that he's a long-time fan of the franchise, but I guess he's all Macrossed-out. One J.J. Matthews wrote the review, and she seems pretty darned happy with the dub; however, those of you who don't care as much for it might at least find it interesting to read about the copious extras in the set.

Meanwhile, good ol' Darkwater at The (Unofficial) Robotech Reporter lets us know that the release date for Yamato's Megazone 23 Garland here in the States is June. Take a good look at it here. The first pics of the Shogo Yahagi figure that rides that Garland are there; lookin' good. The pictures show him not only riding atop his two-wheeled mount but also inside the mecha's robotic configuration. Excellent! It'll retail here in the States for $129.95, which is quite a deal when you compare it to the yen price.

And of course there was the rumor of both live action TV and motion picture projects currently in development (heck, the TV project was listed under "In Production" being spread by Darkwater based on information on the KickStart Productions website. And once it got all the way to, suddenly these things were pulled and all that's up there is a notice saying that Shadow Chronicles is in production. HMMMM. Someone getting a little ahead of themselves here, you think? Bear in mind, the image still up at The (Unofficial) Robotech Reporter attaches a screenwriter to a live action feature film version of the property, so I expect there is some sort of substance to the information KickStart had posted. Maybe Harmony Gold just didn't want this information out there distracting anyone from the Shadow Chronicles push we're going to see once the whole distribution thing gets sorted out.


  • All this buzz about Robotech and Live Action makes me want to try to make some sort of trailer or something for a Live Action Robotech... *laughs* I think we all know at this point that I whole-heartedly support the idea. *laughs*

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 02 March, 2006 14:03  

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