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Posting's been light-to-nonexistent due to the fact that my hands have been seriously killing me for, like, a week now, or something. I'm sure last weekend's Super Mario World marathon didn't help any; those ten or so pages of hand-scrawled notes I had to type out rapid-fire-like for my boss on Monday? Tuesday? I forget ... that wasn't what I'd call helpful either. But y'know, between now and the advent, I've got a crap-ton of work to do, so here I am, back in the saddle.

As Darkwater noted in his weekly roundup, apparently somebody's going to get to see Shadow Chronicles before the end of the year. NYC's Korean Film Festival (Aug. 25-31) will get a screening -- makes sense, much of the work on the film was done in Korea, IIRC. Then the Horror & Science Fiction Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ (Oct. 13-15) gets a screening. And there's doubtless more screenings to come. So if they're setting up all these screenings, my guess is either, A) they've got a distributor locked in, or B) they're reasonably sure they'll have all the necessary paperwork in order before August.

Meanwhile, Hero Factory set up their mechanism for getting ROBOTECH CCG beta decks into the fans' hands. Fifty cards (25 RDF/25 Zentraedi), about $5 including USPS shipping. Click here if you want. I've already ordered two. And why's that?

Look up.

More later.


  • If anything, I'd say the situation is the opposite. They're doing all these screenings because they hope someone will become interested in distributing TSC, once they have the chance to see it.

    I don't think HG seriously started looking for a distributor, until now.

    By Anonymous redrain85, at 29 May, 2006 17:33  

  • About those hands! A few years ago I had a similar problem and I started off trying to tough it out. After pain killers failed me I went to the doctor. It was then I found out I had inflamed my Carpal tunnels and lost strength in my mouse hand. ...I could squeeze more pounds of pressure with my off hand, not good! A few months of rehab, correcting bad habits, using wrist rests and I was much better. I really enjoy reading your blog, but forget Robotech and get to the doctor!

    Bryan aka Odyn

    By Anonymous odyn, at 29 May, 2006 21:05  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger EhC, at 30 May, 2006 21:37  

  • "I don't think HG seriously started looking for a distributor, until now."

    Not true.

    By Blogger EhC, at 30 May, 2006 21:38  

  • Not true.

    Care to elaborate? How do you know that?

    Statements from HG? I'm not taking their word on anything any more. Been burnt way too many times.

    By Anonymous redrain85, at 31 May, 2006 01:40  

  • hmmm .. the Korean Festival one looks tempting. It's only like .. 20 blocks away from where I work. Yeh no way I'm walkin that ... taxi son!

    rick l 'dk'

    By Anonymous Rick L, at 31 May, 2006 10:21  

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