Oh, and yes, "news" ...

Didja know Shadow Chronicles was at Cannes?

Neither did I.

And HG gave us three new desktop images to celebrate.

Um, woo-hoo?

Yeah, I'm not feeling it, either.


  • Please don't steal my cynical thunder. It's all I have left.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 23 May, 2006 18:06  

  • Captain jls,
    I was really it feeling for the one of the three.The Icarus was hot. The other two not as much, but that's just because I've seen the others over and over again. ...they are like old friends now. It's still good to see high res samples.

    haha Darkwater!

    By Anonymous Odyn, at 24 May, 2006 19:17  

  • well you know, i'm just willing for the date when Shadow Chronicles reach the stores...

    See ya!

    By Blogger [SPAM]-AlTeRnAtIvE, at 25 May, 2006 19:19  

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