Delays ...

Right now I'm supposed to be editing the next installment of the Tommy Yune interview, which I believe now will be part 2 of 3. This next bit will either be a survey of the ROBOTECH landscape overall, or will focus on The Shadow Chronicles -- and yes, I did a follow-up today where we discuss the FUNimation announcement, so that'll be all current and awesome and stuff. But honestly, I think I'm in the middle of crashing from a caffiene high -- I told Tommy that chances were very good that I'd fall asleep on the keyboard if I didn't down another Mountain Dew before we started talking, so I dutifully quaffed the Dew and got down to business -- and it would do no one any good if I edited this thing while in this hazy, groggy state, so I'm doing it in the morning.

Here, have another one of Chris Meadows's fantastic posters as a consolation prize. This one is grand ...

... but he sent me a new one today which has to be his crowning achievement in this department. And I'll have that and more of me & Tommy gabbing back and forth here tomorrow afternoon.



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