Another conversation with Tommy Part 1

Tommy looks like a GIANT next to me!
Earlier this week, Tommy Yune took the time out from his busy pre-San Diego Comic-Con schedule to answer more ROBOTECH-related questions. In this first seventeen-minute chunk of audio, he answers questions from listeners of the last interview a few months back, hitting topics such as the ROBOTECH Remastered DVD sets, the ongoing dispute between Tatsunoko Productions & Big West regarding the division of Macross rights, and what he thinks was going on with the SDF-2 in the final episode of ROBOTECH's Macross Saga.

By the way, thanks for the questions, folks -- much appreciated! And apologies in advance if I twisted something around or skipped one you really wanted an answer to; I was operating under the impression that we had a half hour time limit, and wanted to get in questions from everyone who sent them in on top of the questions that you'll hear later this week.

Please be aware that during some stretches of the interview there's a nasty little buzz in the background. Totally my fault, sorry. I hope it isn't too annoying.

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  • thanks for that, CaptainJLS.

    By Anonymous echobasealpha, at 22 July, 2006 16:44  

  • Hey, thank you Jonathan, I appreciate you asking those questions I sent to you to Tommy, thanks man.
    Don't you think though that the answer to the first question about why Macross II and plus are available in the U.S and 7 and zero not was a little confusing, did you get it??
    I am glad to hear also that for SC they might bring the original spanish cast ( at least some).
    Thank you again Jonathan!!
    Go Funimation!!!!!

    By Anonymous sdf1macross, at 22 July, 2006 19:09  

  • Thanks for the another great interview, lots of fun. ...The fan? AC? or CD? was not so bad. fact when it first started up I thought was it was a snore. A good chuckle. Hope to hear round two soon.

    By Anonymous Odyn, at 24 July, 2006 20:28  

  • I wish I'd known you were taking questions. I'd have asked a couple, like: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles supposed to be canonical in relation to the movie?

    ...what are the chances that Tatsunoko will re-edit and re-dub Shadow Chronicles and release it as a Mospeada sequel?

    ...why was theatrical release so important to Harmony Gold when no anime title save for Miyazaki's (and often not even those) gets shown in more than a handful of theaters in major cities anyway?

    By Blogger Chris Meadows, at 25 July, 2006 14:20  

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