Meanwhile ... has posted up the first wave of that mobile phone content from Airborne Entertainment that they've been hyping for a bit right here -- two bucks per sight or sound from the ROBOTECH saga. That shot of Dana on her hovercycle from the opening sequence is awfully tempting, but I think I'll save my two bucks for, I don't know, two thirds of a comic book. As for the sounds, y'know, I personally prefer the way MIDI sequences sound coming from a mobile phone; on the other hand, I could see myself changing my tune (EEK! A PUN!) if they put up an original audio version of the music that's been my primary ringtone for the past year, "Rick Hunter's Theme." Maybe. As for all the dialogue ringtones -- god, I could see those getting really old really fast ...

But hey, maybe that's just me.


  • Wish I had a phone fancy enough to get them.

    Excluding that whole living on the other side of the world, not available locally thing of course.

    By Anonymous Cyc, at 19 July, 2006 18:46  

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