A few quick thoughts ...

My dear pal Ian apparently got to see the new issue of Wizard's Anime Insider magazine today and had this to say about the Funimation announcement within its pages:

It makes everything sound real fuckin' official, and I know it's not.

And the only reason he knows it isn't is because I talked to him about it after I saw it on Darkwater's blog. As Ian was saying, really, that's the danger of print sources (especially ones with as little real journalistic cred to lose as Wizard) trying to compete with the web -- something comes in, to hell with verifying it with other sources, they print it. And of course, unlike the web, you can't have Harmony Gold reps popping in with a reply comment going, "No, that's not true," in a magazine unless someone from the magazine seeks them out.

Wonder what news the San Diego Comic-Con panel will bring tomorrow, if any. Toynami doesn't have any new ROBOTECH or even Macross wares to show off, I've noticed. Wonder if Darkwater's going to have to sit through another damn PowerPoint presentation. If so, I feel really damned sorry for him. What would this be, number eleven?

Been having a lazy, lousy day today, but after I finally get something to eat I'll work on getting a few things up for you tonight, or at least in the early a.m. hours.


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