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  • If you take a gander at, you'll notice the store button on the side bar menu that used to have a green Mars Division mug saying "Drink Me!" on it now has a Shadow Chronicles mug on it speaking that dialogue. So yeah, looks like those are in stock. Mind you, someone failed to notice that inside the store the Mars and Jupiter Division mugs are still being hyped when they appear to be well out of stock and not coming back ...

  • Just finished my 2nd interview with Tommy Yune, which included about half, maybe three quarters of the questions some of you folks so kindly sent in. (And thanks for those, by the way!) As I told him, you all should probably expect that posted up here maybe Thursday or so -- sure, it'll probably get drowned out almost immediately by whatever he and the rest of the Harmony Gold gang spill at Comic-Con, but I really need the distance between me and the audio before I can start editing it without focusing laser-like on what a doof I sound like.

    This one might get served in halves like the previous interview -- it was about twenty minutes shorter than that one, I'd say, once you cut out all the dead air and complaining about the weather. ^_^ On the other hand, it's probably going to need some major editing; we had a few false stops at the end, and there's some pretty interesting stuff in the more conversational bits at the end. I guess we'll see how that goes when I get to hacking & slashing away. Maybe I'll save some of that for an "uncut" transcript for the next issue of Emissaries.

  • Speaking of which, subscription copies of Emissaries Vol. 2 #3 went out in the mail last Friday, for those of you who subscribe and weren't at AX. Should show up at your door any day now, and I can't wait to hear what you think. (And those of you I handed out copies to at AX, I'd like to hear your thoughts as well!)

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