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Man, I'm beat.

Did you see what Darkwater had to say on the panel this weekend? If not, click here to read that.

I guess while I'm bringing it up ...

The documentary stuff looked good, though I kept having this feeling of, "Wait, a lot of these guys are here in this room -- why am I watching them on this screen talking when they're standing in the same room?!" On the one hand, I do know why ... on the other hand, I can't help that feeling, y'know? The disc crapped out just when the segment on the characters of Shadow Chronicles started to get good (though some of us got to see the full thing later anyway), which I guess would have been annoying if we all were aware of just how long and how interesting the segment was, and how that segment in particular had all these people in it who weren't in the room ...

Honestly, to this Kansas boy, Kev's explanation of why we don't have an announcement on the distribution deal -- and the reason why the one last year fell through -- sounded reasonable to my ears. Then again, hey, I know I can be kind of a sucker sometimes. Darkwater's B.S. detector's probably a little better calibrated than mine. His has to be -- he's in the biz. At the very least, though, as Darkwater himself said, Kev's explanation sounded good; it had a satisfying ring of truth to it. It very much smacked of the sorts of nasty games I've long heard that the studios play out there -- Stupid Distribution Tricks, locking a title down to keep it from competing with something they think will make them more money, enough to make it worth their while to spend money to tie the other title up for a bit. Yeah, sure, sounds like the sort of crap I've read about in the entertainment magazines.

The "market value" thing, though? Darkwater's right; that does sound a little weird. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that. Unfortunately, the only one my brain can conjure up (and bear in mind I'm sleepy as I type this) makes some of the folks at HG look kinda like total doofs. Maybe it's complicated and this was the short & sweet version. I dunno.

This whole extended weekend's been a lot to digest -- and that's not even taking into account the fact that every time I went to sleep, in my dreams the convention just kept on going on.

Seriously folks, fun is hard.

Pictures to come ...


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