Sweet Monkey Jesus! EMISSARIES is done!

As I write these words, the printer beside my computer is spitting out the pages that comprise the Spring 2006 issue of Emissaries: A Robotech Fanzine. (Yes, I know it's summer already. Quiet, you.) I really, really thought I wouldn't get this done in time for Anime Expo, but I'm happy to report how very wrong I was. Then again, I imagine I shouldn't really celebrate until I have the pile of finished copies in my hands -- there could still be monkey wrenches afoot, like the copy place is closed, or they've got a giant backlog, or their machine eats my original pages during the day, or something. But at the very least, the final step in MY part of the production process is going right now, the printing of the primary copy from my computer's printer. Ah, sweet relief.

Oh, and it looks like we've filled that extra spot in the room. Phew! As I remarked to Evan via text message in the wee early morning hours today, man everything's coming up aces. It's just all falling into place.

The other shoe's just gotta drop any time now ... @_@


Hey, look it's my couch! But hey, what's on top of it. Oh, could it be ... ?

Hell yeah, it's a big pile of Emissaries! The print shop took a lot less time than I thought they would crankin' out the copies, so here they all are right now. My work here is done. Mind you, the contrast on some of the art looks awful (*ahem*, my Conqueror frontispiece worst of all), but hey, I was rushing to get it out thinking that the big centerpiece of my day tomorrow would be running back there to pick these up. As it stands I probably could have taken my time to make sure the art would be a little more solid. The key side effect of this is the fact that I'll probably post the Conqueror piece up here on the blog. No biggie. I'd probably honestly be a lot more ticked off if not for the fact that it only took me, hm, fifteen minutes to doodle up. *shrug*

Anyway, well, there they are, and if anyone wants one, send me four bucks via PayPal at the e-mail address to your right, or give me a poor hurt puppy look and ask me real nice at Anime Expo in ... oh, less than sixty-five or so hours now.


  • Hunter and Edwards look almost exactly the same in that picture . . .

    Sigh. I miss the old Rick. The real Rick.

    It's great to see the Waltrips still doing Robotech artwork, though.

    By Anonymous redrain85, at 30 June, 2006 11:07  

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