Michael Bradley updates us on the new CD

... only to tell us that, in his words, "it's just sitting there." However, he's going to try and get his website reconfigured so that he can at least get one tune out as a $0.99 download -- "Underground," from Robotech: The Movie. Why that one? Click the link, read the explanation -- it's interesting, and more than a little frustrating to hear (certainly more than that from his perspective, poor guy).

The bottom line: it'll probably be 2007 before we see the CD.

For those coming in late -- Michael Bradley, the singer/songwriter who wrote and performed the Yellow Dancer songs from Robotech: The New Generation and wrote the songs for the rarely seen Robotech: The Movie, has cut a new CD of rearrangements and new recordings of those songs -- Bradley and Khristy Moser, who performed with him at the Robocon 20 concert last year, doing a mix of songs from throughout the ROBOTECH saga. Unfortunately, Harmony Gold's legal department A) only offered the ROBOTECH trademark to him at a prohibitively high price, and B) wouldn't license him the songs themselves, either. So right now he's waiting to be able to license the songs from a third party so he can go forward with releasing the CD.

I've said words to this effect before, and I'll say it again -- if the CD is as good as the live performance last year was, it should be super awesome. Which is why the waiting (it was informally announced almost a year and a half ago now) is such a pain. >_<


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