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I'm kind of hard up for content with Harmony Gold operating on the down-low since the Shadow Chronicles DVD was delayed and with my own journey to see the completed film not 'til Saturday of next week (after which I assume you won't be able to shut me and my big spoiler-filled mouth up for weeks to come), so I've decided to open the floor to questions.

Fire me an e-mail with any question at all -- ROBOTECH-related of course -- before the wee a.m. hours of Saturday morning (12 a.m. 11/4/06) and I'll answer as many as I can in a big long post that afternoon. Too lazy to Google up an answer to a question about some bit of minutiae? Curious what I think of some segment of the saga? Want me to try and read Tommy Yune's mind for you? Toss an e-mail towards the address right there on the sidebar. I can't guarantee I'll use every question, but as long as it doesn't involve any jackassery, I'll try and cover as many as I can.

I hope to see my in-box flooded by the time I get home from work. If not ... you're all on notice. ^_-


  • Email? You don't list an email address to email you at! Bwaaaah!!!

    Just tonight I was wondering whatever happened to Sean Gibson, artist on Return to Macross, the good issues of Academy Blues, and the super-dimensional-fulous Boobytrap special. Letter pages from that era claim he was a Disney animator, but I've searched and found no such person. Closest is "Shawn Gibson"(sic), who did animation for Dreamworks and Fox Studio bombs like Anatasia and Titan AE. You expressed a liking of his work on your comics' site (I've been finally reading my collection of RT comics I've had backlogged since long before Shadow Chronicles was announced, can ya tell?), so I was wondering if you knew whatever happened to him. Why he never returned to comics, or Robotech even.

    Secondly, I've a friend (not Breetai's Good Eye) who claimed some of the footage on the Robotech II: The Sentinels VHS is different from what ended up on the Legacy set DVD. Like the timing or editing was changed between them (he'd thought it may've been alternate takes, but I told him, "Foolish mortal who lacks Art 3! No provision for retakes!"). Is he nuts or is this remotely right?

    Third, what do you think the SDF-2 really looked like? Aside from invisible?

    And lastly, Return to Macross #29... I'm getting you started on it. What was worse, the backstory contradictions or the artwork?

    By Anonymous Breetai's Missing Eye, at 03 November, 2006 05:30  

  • Going to the film fest in St.Louis for the Shadow Chronicles?
    I was going to go, by my wife is doing a craft show that weekend and I get to stay home with the kids whilst she earns Cash E. Money.

    By Blogger Kev, at 03 November, 2006 09:15  

  • Hi

    Since I couldn’t see the movie because HG do not screening it in the Quebec province /Canada, it will be my pleasure to read your spoiler.

    Maybe I have questions. Is that true the movie will followed the same path that the novel "End of the circle”?

    Do you think that Tommy Yune team had already create a post Shadow Chronicle story line or they will wait for another decade to do it ?

    Thanks for an answer

    By Anonymous Chryko, at 03 November, 2006 14:05  

  • So... what happened to the "Post the replies on Saturday afternoon" thing? Me are am for to be waiting!

    By Blogger Breetai's Missing Eye, at 05 November, 2006 22:07  

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