Cheap as free & expensive as f**k.

    Let's start with the expensive. Bad news before good, I always say.

  • While wandering 'cross the eBay today, I discovered that if you have one and three quarters thousand dollars, you can buy two cels from Robotech II: The Sentinels here and here. Frankly, that seems a bit crazy to me, since if you hit a stop on the convention tour all you practically have to do is ask a Harmony Gold rep nicely to get a Sentinels cel ... okay, it's a bit harder than that, answer some trivia or ask a question or something, but not what I'd call a thousand dollars hard. Yowch. Let's see if anyone decides to bite, and if they do, let's laugh at them, OK?

  • Also this afternoon, I tripped over the web presence of Duc Tran, the guy who did Robotech: Vermilion at Antarctic Press a little over nine years ago now -- man, it doesn't feel like that long ago. Anyway, that was one of the few Antarctic ROBOTECH comics that we can call "good" on an objective scale, so finding out he's been keeping himself busy was a good thing. He goes by the handle "L0cke" these days, and his site, filled with cool art and comics and stuff, is here. Be forewarned, to navigate it you may need to turn your monitor upside-down. That is, unless you're like me, and can actually read upside-down text without getting too much of a headache ...


  • You know, I'm all for being "artsy" and all, but . . . I'm sorry, don't publish your webpage UPSIDE DOWN and expect people to actually read it!!!!! GRRRR!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 October, 2006 20:30  

  • is that the same cel from the back of the Sentinels RPG book?

    And if Duc Tran has trouble finding work, I think its pretty obvious as to why.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 31 October, 2006 21:41  

  • No, it's not, but it's clearly from the same sequence.

    As I understand it, Tran has been busy the past few years doing art for the Gaia Online website -- in fact, I betcha the Halloween banner that's been running on the Anime News Network main page for most of the day is his work. (Weird coincidence there ...) But on the other hand, yeah, it seems pretty damn stupid to make everything on your site upside-down if you actually want people to visit. Maybe he doesn't. Who knows.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 31 October, 2006 23:26  

  • And what do you have to do to get film cels from the new HG-funded ending for Megazone 23 Part 1? (aside from bite your tongue in complaining why all shots of the main characters are blurred out)

    By Anonymous Breetai's Missing Helmet, at 03 November, 2006 05:12  

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