Free Emissaries!

Leading up to the new year, I've got all kinds of things planned for the blog and affiliated sites -- yes, including that long-delayed bit of audio, sorry again. I've been working with a slightly different set of priorities for the past month or so, and I apologize to all of you out there for not being here.

Anyway, we'll get things rolling with free PDF copies of issues #2 and 3 of Emissaries, the second and third issues of the irregularly published ROBOTECH fanzine under my tenure. If you're wondering about the fourth issue of the allegedly quarterly publication, well, the subscriber base has been kind of stingy with the submissions lately. Once there's something to publish, I'll publish it.

Now, these are broken up into approximately ten page chunks, since the webspace I have the Emissaries site at has a highly restrictive file size limit; I would upgrade the space and put up complete PDF files, except that the holidays kind of wiped me out financially, at least as far as my credit card goes.

Also, if you're wondering why the first issue isn't available, it's because a lot of those original files are lost to the ages; if and when I can get around to rebuilding that issue, I'll post it up, but that's kind of a low priority. Don't hold your breath.

So you all take a look at those two issues and enjoy 'em, and I'll get back to you with some more stuff over the next few days, OK?


  • Gosh those subscriber base people! They should totally stop being lazy and submit something!

    Really... lazy bums...

    *whistles in his booth at the food court with ample time to theoretically be writing something*

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 02 January, 2007 04:43  

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