I'm looking at the rest of my week, and I'm thinking, y'know when I can get this audio (yes, it's audio, OF COURSE it's audio) edited and ready to post? Friday, that's when. I've got NOTHING to do on Friday. Yeah. We'll do that.

Sorry for the broken promises. I suck. Again, my sincerest apologies.


  • Man, you're as bad as Harmony Gold!


    By Blogger Ginrai, at 05 December, 2006 15:00  

  • Or as bad as Marvel Comics is with Civil War! (oh wait, that sucked to begin with. So nevermind)

    By Blogger Breetai's Missing Eye, at 09 December, 2006 00:12  

  • Ohh, when are you going to refresh your blogspot? I like reading it even though I don't post my comments. And btw, you don't suck that much :). Apologie accepted.

    By Anonymous Bosnian Edo, at 11 December, 2006 10:57  

  • Didn't you know... you aren't allowed to have a life! You exist soley to provide us with Robotech goodness!

    Or at the very least, provide me with Robotech goodness!

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 12 December, 2006 01:55  

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