Taking the New Generation with you.

In one of those funny moments of synchronicity that seem to happen on occasion, just as the store finally got the New Generation deck for Hero Factory's ROBOTECH card game in stock, they also posted the news that the cell phone game Tommy Yune's been trying to hype for about half a year now is launching on AT&T's Cingular phone network next week, with more carriers to come later. Mind you, neither of these things are anything I'm personally into -- I'm still iffy on whether I'm getting that Robotech Masters deck, tempting though it may be, and I just don't need the distraction of Alpha Fighters on my cell phone, no matter how much that game looks like something I would have been shoving quarters into at the local arcade about twelve years ago -- but y'know, it's something and probably worth mentioning.

In other gaming news, The Masters has Palladium Books' latest press release regarding the upcoming Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles RPG book. You expect me to copy & paste? Nah, I'd rather you hop on over and take a look at his blog, because I'm a nice guy like that.

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  • JLS,
    I agree with you about the card decks, as much as I want to support the franchise and buy products so that more products will be released, the cards just don’t interest me in any way. In my collection they would just collect dust or be put somewhere and forgotten. Maybe if they had put new art on the cards or something, but a bunch of screen grabs just doesn’t get me interested enough to get out my wallet.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 April, 2007 17:24  

  • It's kind of funny because the whole time Tommy was hyping this video game, I was thinking that no one really cared about a cell phone game. I thought it would have been better to try to get a game out there for the next gen systems. But now it's here, and it looks like all those arcade games of the mid-to-late 80s that I used to play and pretend they were Robotech. And now, here is one that really IS Robotech. And it looks fun, too. But am I interested? Not really. My phone battery drains fast enough without saving the earth from Invid domination. So I guess I'm gonna have to pass. But I do care a lot more about it than I thought I would.

    Hmmm, have you ever played the acrade Macross DYRL game? They should try to release that in some format. It was a lot like this game and really fun to play.

    ---Admiral DMC McKeever

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 April, 2007 00:28  

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