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According to Treiz, there's coverage of next month's Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - Cash Grab -- err, I mean, Collector's Edition in the new issue of NewType USA pictured above, including art along the lines of what's been posted at lately. If anyone can scan it to let me see, it'd be appreciated; I swore off of NewType USA years ago, and I never see copies floating around sans polybag to flip thru locally.

* * *

For their latest episode, Destroy All Podcasts DX's Andrew and Jeremy decided to do a podcast commentary track for Macross: Do You Remember Love, which is almost enough to make me watch that oh-so-shiny yet vapid and soulless enterprise again. Find and snag the track here. If it's on the same level as their Southern Cross and Mospeada shows, it should be well worth listening to.

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