Shiny Goodness from an ex-Robotech comics duo.

Missed doing the second show last week; maybe it was a product of the foul mood that infected the post directly below this one, maybe I was just feeling lazy. All in all, I've not been as happy or productive as I'd like to be this foul October, and this past gloomy rain-soaked day rather matched my mood. And we've got another week or so to this morose month? Ugh.

Enough of this gloomy talk, though. Onto the point!

Rikki and Tavisha, former Robotech: Aftermath and Clone/Mordecai creators, have relaunched their website,

There, they've archived all of their net-surfing neko comedy series Reality Check, formerly published by Sirus and TokyoPop. As I recall, they started it between Clone and the one issue of Mordecai they got out before Academy shut its doors. At that point it was self-published; I wonder if they went back to Mordecai to raise some funds to continue it. Hmm. Methinks Bruce Lewis was right in suggesting I should drop 'em a line for an interview one of these days ...

Moreover, I just found out from the site that I failed to notice the release of the latest volume of their gothic fantasy Shutterbox, published by TokyoPop -- book four came out last month! Another thing to put in the ol' cart for later. *sigh*

More later.

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