I spent all night making this thing. Please enjoy it, won't you?

One of my chief complaints about the smattering of ROBOTECH-related anime music videos on the YouTube is that they don't do anything ... err ... Robotechy. No mish-mashing of generations. Rarely any Southern Cross. Nobody splicing together New Gen and Shadow Chronicles. Oh, there's a few nice, solid ones out there, but nothing that couldn't just have the Macross or Mospeada label slapped on 'em.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and do something about it. Took me all night -- ah, the joys of no sleep -- but here it is. Let me know what you think.

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  • nice vid, I like the music choice. I must say I was unsure how mixing the old animation with the new would look but you made it work. very nice!

    By Blogger Treiz, at 26 November, 2007 11:36  

  • Very well done! I definitely liked the inclusion of Southern Cross footage as well as the overall cohesive feel of the video, and as treiz said, great choice of music.

    BTW, I’m glad to hear the contest is being extended. With grad school and work, I won’t be able to start on anything till after finals.

    By Blogger Niff, at 26 November, 2007 22:12  

  • Nice job on this. You hit some nice beats with the visuals to the music here, and your editing gave it all a nice energy to the piece.

    By Blogger echobaseAlpha, at 27 November, 2007 09:39  

  • Ah crap, that was waaaaaay too many 'nice's, but you get my point. heh.

    By Blogger echobaseAlpha, at 27 November, 2007 09:42  

  • Probably the best Robotech video I've seen in a long time. I previously gave up on Robotech videos on Youtube because they were all the same. Yours is a good way. Great work!

    Oh, I almost forgot. Discount anime is having a sale on Funimation DVDs, and Shadow Chronicles Special Edition is 45% off! Go to the link below. It's on the bottom of the page.

    By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 27 November, 2007 12:27  

  • YouTube seems to have ditched the video. Is it possible to just get a direct-download link? I'd rather have a full-quality version than an arsed-up YouTube version.

    By Blogger halojones-fan, at 04 December, 2007 11:28  

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