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From YacoLog via Roger Harkavy:

CM's Corporation will be releasing their version of the two green Mospeada Ride Armors (Cyclones), Stig (Scott Bernard) & Rei (Rand)'s, December 2007, making theirs the first modern versions out of the gate. 1/18 scale, 13 cm. tall, 6,300 yen apiece. See Stig here and Rei here.

Also, their Legioss/TLEAD two-pack (Alpha/Beta combo!) is slated for release in February.

Update: Roger Harkavy informs us that Vincent Z. posted up magazine scans of the CM's Legioss/TLEAD at ToyBoxDX aaaaaaa-right here. Check it out.

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In other news, Emissaries and Robotech Roundtable creator Evan Cass has opened protoCULTURE, a brand-new link-blog devoted to ROBOTECH, comics, animation, movies, and more. I actually passed him his current top story (as of this writing) while I was on the phone with him last night. And that would be ...

Great Eastern Entertainment, probably the biggest anime merchandising company in the U.S. market, is and will be producing a whole raft of Shadow Chronicles knick-knacks, including the above pictured plastic keychain of Marcus's holo-locket, which strikes me as a bit creepy, come to think of it. The only one that's out now is a metal keychain of the REF/UEEF insignia, which is actually pretty classy-looking. See the list here. There are actually some pretty nice pieces there.

I can't wait for them to start making the super deformed keychains. Heaven knows they've done it with, like, every other property they've ever licensed, seriously.

Remember to add protoCULTURE to your ROBOTECH-related bookmarks!

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