Cyclonic Consequences

With the Toynami Masterpiece Cyclones now slated for the summer, MegaHouse's take on the Ride Armors will be the first modern transformable version of these mecha to hit the market, hitting the streets of Nippon in February 2008. See more photography of Stig & Rei at MegaHouse's website. Both will be released simultaneously and set you back 6,090 yen apiece -- though right now you can pre-order 'em from >HobbyLink Japan for the Early Bird Discount price of 5,510 yen (just shy of $50 at the current exchange rate) each.

I think I kinda like 'em, myself. Something very toyetic and less collectors' artifact-like about them than a lot of the modern stuff, y'know? Like they're not trying so hard to be models for people who can't build models ...

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