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  • Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - 2-Disc Collector's Edition came out today. Didn't see it at the local Wal-Mart today, unlike the previous release, which you may recall I managed to snag at Wal-Mart at midnight the Tuesday it came out. Hmm ...

  • The Destroy All Podcasts guys talk about Codename: Robotech in their latest installment of largely anime-related snarkiness and trivia-fueled podcastitude. Clicky-click here.
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    • Maybe they had it at Wal Mart and it wasn't on the shelf yet. I went to Best Buy (where it is on sale for $24.99) during my break. I couldn't find it in the new releases. I went to the anime section, and I found a tag showing that it was on sale, but there were no copies of the DVD. I asked an employee, and he said everything that came in was on the shelves already. He took a look and couldn't find it. Then we went into the back to double check. There were DvDs on a cart they use to stock DVDs. I had seen this earlier, but no copies of Shadow Chronicles. While I was waiting for the guy, I noticed that there was a box set on top of the cart that could be covering the very DVD I was looking for. So I moved it, and there were 6 copies of Shadow Chronicles under it!

      Other than that story, I have two things to say about it. First, why was there no mention of the DVD being released on You'd think that would be the main story on the day it is released. Second, I haven't watched everything, but it sure seems to be light on the special features for a 2 disc set. They even move Birth of a Sequel to the 2nd disc to make it look like more.

      By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 21 November, 2007 07:48  

    • Maybe they think their little ad at the top of the page is enough? I dunno.

      Yeah, they make it sound like there's SO MUCH STUFF in those ads that have been ALL OVER the internet, but every time I hear the list, I think, "That's it?" Which is why I'm still on the fence. Maybe I'll see if a friend or relative will be willing to shell out and give it to me for Christmas.

      By Blogger Captain JLS, at 21 November, 2007 14:35  

    • Ok, I sat down and watched most of the disc today. The commentary was interesting, but there were a few things they never even touched on. For instance, they never once said the name Tom Bateman or even Carl Macek. When talking about the scene where Alex and Marcus are getting a soda and checking out Maia, they say it is like a scene from Robotech where 'two pilots' were checking out 'a girl'. They later say the name Reba West, but I don't recall them ever saying Minmei. It is like in Robotech: The Movie how they never say anything related to Macross. Here, they do talk about Rick, but he's in it, so they have to. And they never talk about the delay in releasing the movie.

      Ok, that is what they don't talk about. What they do talk about is how they had a tight production schedule and some things were rushed because they didn't have time to go back and redo them. We find out from Tommy that there is a mistake made with Vince's age when he authorizes the launch of the Neutron S missle on Space Station Liberty. It says he's 36 when he should be in his 50s (54 according to the bio). Tommy attributes that to the note to the animators that he is in his 50s, but 'draw him like he's in his 30s'. It is never explained why he is supposed to look so young.

      They did have the trailer for Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles and some interesting stuff. If I was in charge of this project, I would have done more, especially if they wanted fans to buy another edition only 9 months after the original came out. Lord of the Rings did that, but they put more on their DVDs.

      Anyway, I was disappointed that they didn't even put the teaser trailer for Shadow Rising.

      I don't regret buying it. I sold my original copy along with my Legacy Collection DVDs, so it's not too bad for me. I wish there was more, but at least it's better than the original release. If you didn't buy the original, I'd say it is a must have. But if you do have the original release, then you have to decide how bad you want commentary, deleted scenes, and Robotech 3000.

      By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 21 November, 2007 22:07  

    • I got my copy at best buy too, had no problem finding it.

      I enjoyed the special features, especially the last few out-takes. The comentary was nice and had a few tidbits that I hadn't noticed, though most of the stuff they pointed out I had. I like the cover and the new packaging, the artwork is great and the dvd cover is reversable.

      I don't know about full msrp, but I think it was well worth the 5 bucks extra for the features.

      By Blogger Treiz, at 22 November, 2007 03:03  

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