The Aoshima MOSPEADA toys -- reengineered from Toynami's Masterpiece Collection Alpha Fighters -- are out in Japan, and the reports aren't good.

SaveRobotech says, among other things:

Oh yeah and at one point a small hollow square plastic piece fell out of the leg, and I have no idea what it goes to.

Read his full report at MacrossWorld here.

Discussion at ToyBoxDX here (plus a picture of a MegaHouse Ride Armor w/Rey -- I was wondering which company's upcoming Ride Armor toy that was!).

And pictures -- oh, the unfortunate pictures! -- at ToysKingdom here. Especially the fifth one down. OW! Unfortunately, I've had days like that with MY high-end transformable collectible figures ...

Thanks to Roger Harkavy, The Duke of Kichijoji for the heads-up.

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  • I'm A #1.

    By Blogger Roger, at 31 October, 2007 23:45  

  • Now the mysterious Yaco has weighed in with his official review:

    At least one of them was broken right out of the box. His official verdict: "Worse than Toynami's across the board."

    Not good. Thanks go out to Matt Alt for the translation, though.

    Incidentally, Matt has an interview with Shinji Aramaki in this month's issue of Otaku USA. You can catch a sneak peek here:

    By Blogger Roger, at 03 November, 2007 22:48  

  • Another follow-up: the Shinji Aramaki interview is actually a two-parter. The current issue of Otaku USA is on sale until December 4, the second part of the interview will be in the next one.

    By Blogger Roger, at 04 November, 2007 10:09  

  • Some side by side comparisons from Yaco:

    Yaco speculates that one of the modifications is a mounting place for the synchro cannon on the "buttocks."

    We're also discussing this here:,173781

    By Blogger Roger, at 04 November, 2007 17:22  

  • More of the Aramaki interview up at Otaku USA's web site:

    By Blogger Roger, at 05 November, 2007 06:05  

  • Looks like the hope of a Mospeada revival in Japan just went down the drain.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 05 November, 2007 13:42  

  • Eh. I think you're attaching more significance to this event than it deserves. It's entirely possible that the other MOSPEADA products from Megahouse and CM's Corporation could be good quality products and good sellers.

    A handful of new toys based on old properties doesn't count as much of a "revival," anyway. As far as I know, the MOSPEADA DVDs are going to press again for the 20th anniversary, but that's about it in terms of non-toy products.

    (Now VOTOMS, there's a property that experienced a proper revival, and is now experiencing a full-fledged renaissance.)

    What would be personally disappointing to me would be to see Aoshima go ahead with the TLEAD using the same manufacturer, or not to make the TLEAD at all. After this it's hard to be optimistic about it.

    By Blogger Roger, at 05 November, 2007 14:57  

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