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According to ANN, Macross Frontier will be adapted into a manga by Hayato Aoki, which will be serialized in Monthly Shonen Ace starting in the February issue (on sale Dec. 26). This is the first manga adaptation of a Macross series since the Macross II adaptation fifteen years ago, and the first of an "official Studio Nue timeline" series. And since I've never read an adaptation manga that was any good, it's probably going to be pretty meh, even if the art winds up being nice ...

The ANN article also mentions a 25th anniversary special which will be airing twice during the last full week of the year. Full details here.

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  • There was another Macross manga by the original Macross character designer, and that one was in the "official Studio Nue timeline" and it only ended about five years ago.

    There's some pretty good manga adaptations out there. There's lots of Gundam manga, but especially Gundam: The Origin, which is helped by having the original Gundam character designer drawing the manga. It's not out yet, but the Vampire Hunter D manga should be pretty good since it's based on the orignal novels.

    By Blogger CrystalFalls, at 23 November, 2007 18:02  

  • Yeah, I know -- Macross 7: Trash, by Mikimoto. But that was a side-story, not an adaptation. I was just talking about books that took what was on TV and made them into manga.

    Somehow I completely forgot the AWESOME adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion that Sadamoto started before the show aired but STILL hasn't finished -- and yeah, Gundam: The Origin is pretty awesome, too. But those are the exceptions -- most adaptations fail because they have to start and end within the lifespan of the show -- they wind up being hollow, rushed retreads of what's on the TV. Most also don't have the benefit of the original character designer handling the art, which this Macross F doesn't, either.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 23 November, 2007 21:43  

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