-- According to ROBOTECH.COM, the Shadow Chronicles RPG should hit retailers around April 3, which is my birthday, which is awesome news to hear. Also, it is over 100 pages longer than they originally thought it would be but will still for this first printing remain at the originally publicized retail price of $16.95. Hope this doesn't cause a big problem for the folks at Paladium -- they could use some good fortune at this point!

-- At, preorders are open for the two Shadow Chronicles Shadow Fighters and ... drumroll please ... THE FIRST TWO TOYNAMI BETA FIGHTERS! Now mind you, BBTS is the place where the Toynami Cyclones were up for preorder with late 2007 release dates around this time last year, so this is all tentative, but it looks like Maia's lavender Shadow Fighter will be out in April, Marcus's white and gray Shadow Fighter will be out in July, and the Betas will be out in the 3rd quarter of the year (sometime from July - Sept.).

And the Betas are apparently going to only be $80 apiece.


Wonder how they pulled THAT one off.

-- MAJOR COLLECTIONDX.COM LINKAGE ... First, a New York Toy Fair conversation with Toynami's George Sohn. Looking forward to those rebranded MegaHouse Ride Armors, if the price is right! Then, the Destroy All Podcasts guys take on Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (hint: they didn't like it). And finally, disappointment rears its ugly head when Josh picks up the new CM's Ride Armor (Stick Type) and it all falls to pieces. (Please note that this is NOT the same one I'm expressing hope for in reference to the Sohn interview. TOO MANY CYCLONES!)

-- Hey, the recent Canadian airing of ROBOTECH on SPACE hooked someone who'd never seen it before ...
Keeping Lancer intact was just another part of Robotech’s weirdness. Is it better or worse than most anime jobs of the time? It kept in the stuff edited TV dubs normally take out, but altered things in much more radical ways.

I’m part of the “Pokemon Generation”, at once too old and too young for Robotech. After reading about it in Toyfare once upon a time, I wondered “...did he [Carl Macek] really do that?” Part of the reason I watched it was to see how it was pulled off.

-- Elsewhere, someone has mixed feelings about The Shadow Chronicles ...
I wouldn’t say it sucks totally but it’s not exactly great either. The storyline was straightforward if it’s wee bit dry, if you get my meaning. The biggest flaw for me was that I am totally unable to empathise with any of the character. I mean when one of the Romero sacrifice himself in a blaze of glory, I was thinking “fair enough, but not GAR material either”. And is it just me or does the Haydonite looks like a rip off of the Cylon from Battlestar Galactica?

-- And finally ... these words look very familiar to me. Hmm, where might I have seen them before?

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  • Hi there. I'm the one from the "Pokemon Generation" blog post.

    Imagine my surprise...your blog was actually one of the first I visited when trying to find out more about this series, and now I've been linked. Huh.

    RT-wise, things are coming together very well for me, but I'm not sure if I want to participate in the fandom yet. (Also I'm getting into the Macross continuity....)

    Hopefully you weren't put off by my pessimism about future Robotech projects. I'd certainly like to be proven wrong.

    Shadow Chronicles is waiting for me in my DVR, but I plan to find all of Preludes first. I'm more than a bit grumpy that my favourite character was killed off like that (Exedore), but I'm going to watch.

    So, uh, yeah...hi. :)

    By Blogger Amanda, at 19 March, 2008 22:10  

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