Here Are People Who Are Reviewing Things.

-- Josh @ finds CM's Legioss & Tread good separately, bad combined, and not worth $300.

-- Atom @ finds the 2002 Toynami VF-1A Morpher not worth $2. For what it's worth, those were kind of crap, but I liked the Alphas a lot ...

-- People are still seeing The Shadow Chronicles for the first time. This guy seems to have liked it.

-- From the April 11 Palladium Books press release:

We hope to see new Robotech® sourcebooks released as soon as this Summer. We’d love to have the Macross Saga and Robotech Masters sourcebooks out by July, and the Deluxe, 8½ x 11 (hardcover?) Edition of the Robotech® Shadow Chronicles® RPG making its debut at Gen Con this August.

Southern Cross fans will be happy to know we plan to give the Robotech Masters sourcebook the royal treatment: in-depth coverage, new and updated information, and all new artwork. Writer, Jason Marker, is already doing research for this sourcebook.

We are thrilled to be working on Robotech® again, and are having a blast making it even better the second time around.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to run out to your local game store and take a look at a copy for yourself – assuming they can keep it in stock.

I'll be offering my thoughts on the book by the end of the month. Maybe by the end of the weekend. Though really, I shouldn't make any promises at this point ...

Also: Royal ... treatment ... for Masters ... sourcebook ... O_O

Can we say "YAY"?

-- Here's a review of The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles at WARNING: This person misspells my name in their review. >:(

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