Shadow Chronicles Blu-Ray in September.

So says this press release at Twenty more minutes of extras over the Collectors' Edition (the press release says, "additional never-before-seen deleted scenes with directors commentary, outtakes, animatics and more" -- oh-ho, HG and FUNi left some material out of the Collectors' Edition as triple-dip fodder? Perish the thought!), September 2nd release date, forty bucks MSRP.

So hey, ADV, how long before you're going to give the ol' Robotech Remastered a go on the Blu-Ray, hm? And if/when you do, can you put the opening theme back the way it's supposed to go, please?


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  • Did ADV do something to the opening theme on the remastered discs? I've never seen the remasters, only the Legacy discs.

    By Blogger Shawno, at 19 April, 2008 23:32  

  • Well, on the Remastered release each generation gets a series-specific opening animation -- Macross Saga basically gets the original Macross TV series sequence with the filmstrip at the start, Masters gets a bunch of the higher end Southern Cross footage hobbled together into something vaguely opening sequencey, and New Gen mostly gets the Mospeada opening sequence. All, of course, set to the Robotech theme music. The ending sequence is just a truncated version of the opening for each, since the original Robotech end theme used opening footage that they didn't have room for in the original Robotech opening.

    Problem is, none of these sequences flow with the music right in the same way that the original cut of the Robotech opening animation did, and plus what I always liked about the original Robotech open was going through Macross wondering "Hey, who's that guy? And who's that girl there? And what's that mecha, that looks cool!" And then when you get to Masters and New Gen, there's a sort of nostalgic feeling when you see Rick's VF-1J rising to the flight deck. All that interconnectedness is lost when you unravel the opening sequences and give each generation its own series-specific open.

    Just one of many reasons I don't have the Remastereds anymore. I don't care if the picture is better on the Remastered. It's Not My Robotech. >:(

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 20 April, 2008 00:46  

  • Personally I really liked the remastered, as it address some of the picture problems of first DVD release. Yea the sound effects are different. Some for the better like the cyclones for example and some for the worse, but nothing so bad that I had to run and hide. I too would like the original opening theme for the robotech for a lot of the same reason you have already stated.
    Will we see a Robotech Remastered on Blu-Ray? Other then to selling the whole thing on one disk I don't think we will right away. The Original remastered was if I recall right from the space station library show a few weeks ago, only ever done in 480p and would require another transfer to get a higher res out it. Then you would have a higher res image just not something to take up all of the 16x9 aspect ratio. Still I think I would enjoy seeing a better image if they decided to go that route. A few things that would be great to see are cleaner lines, less jaggy curves, now will it happen? I think it will have to start in Japan with a higher res of Macross first then we will see it for the rest of Robotech. Maybe in 2010 when Robotech hits 25 years old.
    Glad I skipped the Collector's edition DVD! Looks like I will get everything it have with the blu-Ray version.

    By Blogger Bryan, at 20 April, 2008 11:02  

  • Bryan is right, I asked Tommy a long time ago about this, when they remastered Robotech they did so in standard 480p. I doubt it would take much more work to go back and do another run in 1080p, it would give them a chance to fix the problems in the Remastered version. Perhapse we should compile a list of all the remastered issues for them to use in future.

    By Blogger Treiz, at 28 April, 2008 01:29  

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