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Blast It, Why Can't We Have Nice Things?

In the comments thread for the below post, Roger Harkavy, who knows stuff, ruins my fun by explaining that the release of the Takatoku/Bandai Valkryies release under Toynami is simply a case of Bandai's factories cranking out X amount of Valkyries for themeselves and then Y amount of Valkyries for Toynami, and it's just kind of like the way Bandai and Gakken would crank out product to be boxed up under the ROBOTECH label back in the 1980's.

One thing he pointed out that makes a lot of sense is the fact that Bandai is a major sponsor of Macross Frontier, and consequently I doubt that Big West would have any pull with them if they didn't like the fact that Bandai is taking Harmony Gold and/or Toynami's money. I doubt any of the smaller licensees with less pull would be doing something like this -- not even, say, Yamato.

I still think this whole Big West/Tatsunoko thing is going to have to find itself sorted out sometime in the near future, even if it's through a lot of little documents that each let a little air between the two sides of the Pacific. But alas, that's going to be another day.


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