It's a quarter past midnight and I'm sitting on a bench.

Which has nothing to do with the links that follow, but right now I'm enjoying the novelty of sitting at my computer in a well-lit park square and shooting things through the air into the internet tubes.

Yeah, yeah, I know ... welcome to the 21st century, Jonathan, glad you could make it!

Quiet, you.

JoshB from CollectionDX has posted coverage of what all was at the Toynami booth -- including (and this is the part that separates their coverage from the rest) video, with Toynami head honcho George Sohn taking time to point out what's what.

Elsewhere on the internets:

  • A friend of mine (with whom I went to see The Shadow Chronicles on the big screen in St. Louis) reflects on Roy Fokker's death as one of her top 10 TV moments. (It's #2.)

  • A.J. Wells's fixation on Exedore continues. This one's about the broccoli-headed DYRL version. Also: discussion of the Sentinels novels. Always fun.

  • Someone reviews Robotech: Battlecry years later and doesn't much care for it. Skimming it, it seems they really didn't like the escort missions and base defense missions. Also: yes, the characters are all total knockoffs of other ROBOTECH characters. I totally agree with these sentiments myself, but I still like to pop it in every once in a while. Maybe I'm more tolerant of these flaws? I dunno.

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    • Oh look, I got linked again.

      "Always fun"

      That's sarcasm, isn't it? :P

      You missed my longer review of the Sentinels novels as a whole, though. Not that I blame you, I'm just throwing that out there.

      By Blogger Amanda, at 04 August, 2008 22:15  

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