They're sure as hell not being subtle about it.

Preorders for the ROBOTECH Masterpiece Collection Beta Fighter went up on today. If you visit the site, you can't miss it.

Meanwhile, I started working on the Robotech comics site again. I figure, I still don't have a job, so I might as well be doing something productive with my time ...

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  • Just hoping Toynami would not release all three or even more Beta fighters within a short duration cos I will be broke.

    By Blogger Dennis aka Katsuden, at 08 August, 2008 10:01  

  • Man, as much as I want to by the Beta Fighters, I'd like to get the Alphas as well.


    But, if I were to buy all three of them, it would be like buying a new computer at a reasonable price. I've got to get a job and make those Beta Fighters my personal birthday/holiday present.

    By Blogger Callie, at 08 August, 2008 22:35  

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