This shouldn't come as a big surprise.

Anime News Network reports that during the broadcast of the final episode of Macross Frontier Friday morning (yes, it's already Friday morning in Tokyo) it was announced that there will be ... *sigh* ... a Macross Frontier movie. The wording of the article suggests it'll be a retelling of the story, though it's entirely possible that that it's a bit of poor word choice on the ANN copywriter's part. I suppose I'll find out when Levi watches the final episode in a day or two's time -- that promo's the sort of thing I think a fansubber would keep in and translate, don't you?

Bear in mind that while the show's smash-hit success with the Japanese anime-viewing public likely was a strong factor in this decision, both of the previous Macross television series had theatrical outings (Macross: Do You Remember Love, Macross 7: The Galaxy Is Calling Me), and Macross Plus was reedited for theatrical release as well. Am I trying to downplay this news? To some extent, though at the same time I am rather struck by the realization that, "Holy crap, this franchise HASN'T had a TV series without a theatrical counterpart, has it? Wow!"



  • *face palms*

    By Blogger All That Jazz, at 25 September, 2008 17:57  

  • Actually...

    I kind of like the idea of a retelling. Focus a bit on the ideas of the second half of the series, refine the characters a bit, and you might have a real fun movie to watch. Skip the whole intro and get right to the idea of Ranka and Sheryl competing as singers... the question of why Ranka seems to do better... Leon Mashima's military coup, and so forth.

    Drop the need for Macross nostagla and instead focus on the stylistic flash that Frontier has of its own with a tighter and shorter plot and I think Frontier could make a good two hours investment.

    But then, as we've noted, I kind of enjoy Frontier... so maybe I'll just go see it by myself in Japan. *laughs*

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 26 September, 2008 05:14  

  • Wow, you do realize that Macross came before Robotech right? And that this series is probably the second most popular one after the original Macross? You might want to try watching the whole thing through again and try to enjoy it instead of picking it apart. :)

    By Blogger mgwach, at 28 September, 2008 13:11  

  • I'm sure he knows? all Robotech fans know this >_>
    and also not everyone is going to like the new series, just like a lot of us don't like the new robotech movie. That's just how it is sometimes.

    By Blogger All That Jazz, at 28 September, 2008 23:42  

  • I'm pretty sure JLS here has a good handle on Robotech and the history of Macross. He's written magazine articles (Or I guess, article) upon it and I know he personally introduced me to the original Macross and Seven.

    A little more to the point, however: "The second most popular series" of one that's only had three shows? How exactly are you gauging this?

    Besides, I'm pretty sure a blog about news and reviews and such of the Robotech and Macrossverse is going to do exactly that: pick apart the series. I enjoy Frontier a good deal and I still pick the show apart. It is most certainly not a flawless series.

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 28 September, 2008 23:47  

  • Mmmm... nothing like a complete NON-RESOLOUTION of character drama to leave an unsatisified taste in your mouth.

    It's too bad Frontier was a lot of good ideas and good technical animation wasted in poor execution. It's a good show and I'm glad I watched it... but... I wouldn't call it the second coming of Macross or anything...

    Code Geass tho. Now that was a resolved ending!

    BTW, the movie tease just says there is a movie in the works. No word on what kind. It basically just says "MOVIE! COMING SOON!"

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 29 September, 2008 04:16  

  • I heard Code Geass did terrible on the adult swim block, I havent watched it myself, just saw their bump that mentioned it.

    By Blogger All That Jazz, at 29 September, 2008 10:01  

  • Honestly, Macross Frontier is everything that I expected from the Shadow Chronicles and didn't get.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 29 September, 2008 15:18  

  • "Honestly, Macross Frontier is everything that I expected from the Shadow Chronicles and didn't get."
    So, you expected Shadow Chronicles to be an unoriginal big budget production with terrible writing chocked full of fanservice? Really?

    Anywho, I caught the last ep of Frontier, which pretty much went the same as the rest of the series. It's over, moving on.

    By Blogger Treiz, at 30 September, 2008 00:29  

  • Actually, I'll give Shadow Chronicles credit. It DID try to resolve its plots while moving on to new ones.

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 30 September, 2008 03:16  

  • "So, you expected Shadow Chronicles to be an unoriginal big budget production with terrible writing chocked full of fanservice?"

    That's pretty funny Treiz. You've just described Shadow Chronicles in a nutshell!

    By Blogger ChrisK, at 30 September, 2008 07:15  

  • lmao yes he did :|

    By Blogger All That Jazz, at 30 September, 2008 13:59  

  • "That's pretty funny Treiz. You've just described Shadow Chronicles in a nutshell!"

    Uh, no I didn't actually. HG spent less then a million dollars on Shadow Chronicles, compare that to Nick spending double or triple that for only one episode of Avatar, 22m vs 90? Shadow Chronicles was NOT a big budget production.

    As for the other points, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

    By Blogger Treiz, at 03 October, 2008 13:03  

  • "Shadow Chronicles was NOT a big budget production".

    anyone could tell by watching it, it was all too obvious. Shitty CG's anyone?

    By Blogger All That Jazz, at 04 October, 2008 08:03  

  • "Shadow Chronicles was NOT a big budget production".

    That went without saying, Einstein...

    By Blogger ChrisK, at 04 October, 2008 18:33  

  • aw come on now chris, don't be a fun sucker, let us bash TSC to shreds :X

    By Blogger All That Jazz, at 06 October, 2008 19:19  

  • ALSO chris, you need to tell me what happened with your cover, either by email or note me on DA I need to know :|

    By Blogger All That Jazz, at 07 October, 2008 06:54  

  • I just hope the Macross Frontier movie will finally tie up those loose strings (i.e., who'll Alto pick: Sheryl or Ranka.)

    Much like RT episode 36, "To The Stars" (and the Macross equivalent "Farewell to Tenderness"), we all know who Rick chose.

    By Blogger Callie, at 07 October, 2008 11:32  

  • Actually, RSC was listed as having a 3-5 million dollar budget when it was at one of the film markets.

    Since it was developed for like 3 years and produced in like 6 months, maybe all of that money went into teaching them how to make a movie.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 07 October, 2008 13:38  

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